Orange Winged Amazons for Sale


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Orange Winged Amazons for Sale

Orange-winged Amazons make sweet and affectionate pets that bond closely to their owners. Their comical attitude makes them a hit with bird lovers everywhere. They’re more gentle and have milder personalities than other Amazons. As with any bird, however, individuals can break from the norm.

Orange-winged Amazons (Amazona amazonic) are American(South and North) parrots. They live in flocks in the wild, but when hand-reared, they can live alone. Every bird of this species has its unique mood, and two birds might react differently in the same situation. But, most of the time, they require constant association with their favorite human.


A suspended cage sizing 8ftX4ftX4ft gives sufficient space for an Amazon parrot. Accessorize it with a hanging perch having a rough texture (as it is better for their beak and legs) and a playpen. Toys are their stimulating factor, so placing some inside the cage is required, but don’t clutter the place. Remember, it is their “home” where they need to feel safe, secure, and comfy.

If you prepare a nest box, ensure it has a height of 40 inches and a diameter of 15 inches. The gate or the opening should be around 5 inches.


Orange-winged Amazons enjoy human proximity throughout the day, be it while you are watching television or having chit-chats with your family. Once they have formed an attachment with you, they love to accompany you. Even when they are not with you, they can be seen content on their perch, playing with toys, or simply doing nothing. Some are lazy, while some are extremely energetic. They can mimic your words, so interacting with them is a useful way to help them learn new words.


These parrots require a moderate seed-based diet as they tend to gain weight faster. Their menu also includes fresh vegetables and fruits, along with chicken and cheese.


Let your bird out of its cage to exercise, as it needs to shed extra weight. For bathing, find out what works for your bird: mist spray or birdbath. The timing is important, as your bird should have rest, activity, and food in a balanced way.

Cage, toys, and perches, along with your bird’s food and water bowls, should be cleaned daily.

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